All edit disapeared, never seen this before!

I did a library feature part a couple of days ago that works
perfectly. Now I need to fine tune it by hiding a sketch and remove a
constrain but...
No edit is possible, no ctrl-Q (grayed). If I right-click on any
feature I no longer have edit sketch or feature. If I double clik on
a feature I can see a dimension dut It seems to be a reference
dimension. Did I missed something. This is a useful .sldlfp since it
insert an external thread with real dimension in metric for all sizes.
This is not a dimension access issue and I cannot rollback. I cannot
edit the design table.
I can mail the file
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Robin, Not sure if I can help, but I'm willing to take a look.
Muggs828-at-HOME-dot-net change HOME to Comcast
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Didn't 2005 add an interface for editing library features? Are you using this new interface? Do they allow you to edit them the old way? Do you have it referencing the feature's file, this is a new capability. Then it is more like an external reference and I doubt they would let you edit the numbers directly.
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