AMD based motherboard

OK Folks,
I've read quite a bit about which video card to use, and about the
Intel/AMD choices. What I'd like to know is which motherboard is a
decent choice to build an AMD based machine?
thanks in advance,
Jim Acito - CSWP
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The last time I upgraded the motherboard (intel) I had to get a new power supply (P4), Also it didn't have a PCIe slot which limits your choice of video cards.
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Johns Yard
Welcome, Green Tweed.
If you have already done the Intel vs. AMD search, then you can go to AMD's website and choose the right mobo that they recommend. I use MSI motherboards on my own computers. I have friends who swear by ASUS. Personally, I don't think the price matters all that much. You need to look at what you want to do and what components you'll need to do it, then find the mobo that supports all those. You want IDE, SATA, USB, or SCSI hard drives? Do you want raid? Are you going to buy a network card or just use an onboard one? Are you doing heavy graphics and will be investing in SLI capable graphics cards?
All these questions and more will choose the right mobo for you.
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If you are going to build AMD you probably want to wait till around September. Right now Intel holds the crown. But that is due to fall in a couple months. You probably can't afford an FX74 or high end Opteron.
If you want a good choice for motherboard look at one of the reputable benchmarking web sites and follow what they build.
SW is not very particular about motherboards AFAIK other than they have to be reliable and accompanied by a decent power supply and cooling.
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