I want to purchase a new video card, but would appreciate opinions.
Intended Applications: Acad 2005 (lots of solid modeling), Photoshop
(photo editting), occasional ADT & Viz Render, possibly some
rudimentary Inventor
Computer: dual Athlon MP 1.2 on Tyan 2460 motherboard (all AMD
chipset), 1GB ram, 19" NEC CRT
OS: Win2kp
Must have VIVO (not for anything serious, just playing VCR, some
Intended expense: approx. US$200 (could be talked into slightly more)
Would any GeForce FX5xxxx be an ok choice? Also, what's with the
TI4200 chipset? How does it fit into spectrum of w/ what's available
today, or is it now outmoded? Finally, I've read that Radeons should
be avoided for cad... is that still the case?
Thanks in advance,
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I think you need to decide what your machine is going to be used for - work or play. If you are intending doing 3D modelling and rendering, then the GeForce range are not recommended. They are gaming cards and don't handle 3D modelling too well due to the way thet deal with the 2D and 3D aspects of CAD. If you are just toying with CAD then you may get away with a cheap card like these but if you want to be productive and not spend hours waiting on regens every time you pan and zoom then you'd be well advised to look at the Quadro range but you ain't gonna get much for $200!!
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