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I have found several examples of how to do this but none seem to work, I need a macro that I can run that will delete all custom properties regardless of property name.

I have a macro that will add custom properties and it is written so that it does not require solidworks, it uses windows to create the custom property. I would like to do the same for deleting the custom properties.

Can someone please provide some sample code showing how to delete all custom properties?



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This function works inside a SolidWorks VBA Macro :

'** 'Delete all file of configuration properties '@param doc Required. SldWorks.ModelDoc2 object. '@param conf Optional. String. Default value is "". '@param emptyonly Optional. Boolean. Default value is False. if True, deletes only the properties without any value '@return Boolean . true if all were deleted Public Function DeleteAllProps( _ doc As SldWorks.ModelDoc2, _ Optional ByVal conf As String = "", _ Optional emptyonly As Boolean = False _ ) As Boolean DeleteAllProps = True Dim names As Variant names = doc.GetCustomInfoNames2(conf) Dim name As Variant For Each name In names If emptyonly And doc.GetCustomInfoValue(conf, name) "" Then GoTo continue ' don't delete DeleteAllProps = DeleteAllProps And doc.DeleteCustomInfo2(conf, name) continue: Next name End Function

To delete properties outside of SolidWorks, you'll need to create an application, not a macro, and link to a .dll (which I don't recall the name at the moment) to access standard Windows properties. I'm not even sure you can delete them this way, but I'm absolutely sure you can't delete configuration specific properties this way.

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