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Hi, Just to let you all know, I have employed a VB programmer to write an
interface program.
This program will work between Solidworks and a MS Access database.
The solution, as I see it, is that you open a document, save the document
with your chosen document file name. Then you run this interface program
from Solidworks.
There is a form that can be filled in, with all the custom properties that
you require.
The saved document file name is automatically inserted into this form also.
The custom properties information, is then inserted, into the Part, Assembly
or Drawing document, at the same time the MS Access database will open.
This database will be used to generate a UNIQUE document number, this
document number is generated, based on selection list boxes.
The saved document file name will automatically be inserted into the
When the database is closed, the document number generated, will be
automatically inserted into the Solidworks document.
I am trying to make a program, that can be customised and freely available
to everyone.
If you have any ideas that you would like to see in this program, just let
me know, and I will try my best to get them included.
My reason for this program being free?, a BIG thank you, for all the help
given to me from yourselves!
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As database you could use MySql. When running this on a other server in conjuction with apache or other webserver and php/java or some other scripting languages you can create a web acces to your files. I do this with drawing (pdf, dwg, edrw)
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