I'm in the process of trying to document our CAD standards. Being a sheetmetal job shop we have created part templates based on material type, thickness, bend radius and k-factor. I need to document these settings, I started by right-clicking on the template file and selecting properties and then the custom tab. Looking at these properties I then manually type them into an excel spreadsheet. I finished the aluminum materials (14 different templates) and I thought to myself, "there must be a easier way to do this." Does anyone know of a program that could capture this information for me? Or maybe just a better way of doing this procedure?

Thanks in advance Jeff

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The first thing that comes to mind is using a design table. See SW help section on this feature.


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Thanks Len for your answer...But I went back and re-read what I posted and I'm not sure how your answer helps me. Please understand the part templates are already created with the setting preset for thickness, k-factor and bend radius. We've been using these for several years not I just need to document these settings. Please expand on your answer if in light of what I just typed you feel that your answer has merit.

sorry for being dense but it is Monday morning, Jeff

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Not a direct answer to your request, but maybe a help. Do you know that you can highlight all the properties, CTRL-C, and then CTRL-V paste them into Excel all at one time? I don't know if you were doing things one field at a time, but if so, this would speed things up a bit.


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An API program can be built to capture this info and either place it into an Excel spreadsheet or perhaps an Access database.

Best regards,

Bob Hanson Senior Solutions Provider Centare Group Ltd.

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Bob Hanson

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Hi Jeff

You call your files templates. Are they infact Templates ".prtdot" or Part ".sldprt" files.

If so I have developed an API that might do just that.

My tool scans a specified directory for specific files and opens each, one at a time. Then reads the custom properties which can then be used to populate a spread sheet (or database) It's a tool I created myself and use exclusively myself. I would have to polish it up some for others to use but you are welcome to it once cleaned up. (BTW - I've been creating productivity tools for myself for many years now and hold MCSD from Microsoft)

I had mentioned this project to my VAR thinking there might be a small niche market for it. He was sure that something was already available. Perhaps you could ask your rep. (And get something mor versitile)

I'm pretty sure I could open a template file and certianly extract the info you require.



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