SW 2006 and XP Pro SP1

All of our engineering PCs still have XP PRO SP1. We have received SW2006 but have not installed it yet.

Due to possible issues with other software on our PCs, we have not yet installed XP PRO SP2.

Is anyone successfully using SW2006 SP1.0 with XP PRO SP1? The Solidworks website recommends XPP SP2, but I did not see where it is required.


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I would just get a single extra hard drive, and load up the XP Pro SP1 and a copy of SWks 2006 and do a test run for awhile to check it out under your conditions.


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I'm using XP Pro SP1 and SW2006 SP0 on this computer. No problems found during the past 4 months or so. I aviod all Microsoft patches. I haven't installed one in over 12 months.

Best Regards, Devon T. Sowell

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Devon T. Sowell

Yer a zombie waiting to happen.

If you're going to use their "OS" at least try and keep patched.

....Of course....I did get completely screwed by MS on the win2k-SP4-rollup1 update on our domain controller....it completely broke samba-winbind functionallity. Spent 2-3 hours rolling back and then installing SP4.

So....maybe you ARE better off.



Dev> I'm using XP Pro SP1 and SW2006 SP0 on this computer. No problems found

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John J

I use both 2KSP1 or so and XPProSP2, and just simply made the decision that those computers will NOT ever go online. I don't have the time to constantly deal with the crap that comes with Windows online.

Any data moving in or out of my Wintel boxes goes to my Mac directly, & not on a network, before any data goes on the Internet.

Yeah, that doesn't work well with a large group, but Wintel sure does run better that way.


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Well where I work we're all using SW2004 initial release on XPsp2 with all the MS patches and it works fine - despite it not being officially supported until SW2004sp5.

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