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Okay, so I have a part (cast), and I have the runner to the cast, and I
have all of the cooling tubes made, and now I want to set them in an
assembly the way they are, compared to the runner/cast. Is there any
way, I can just type in the dimensions for the cooling to move (each
pipe is a different solid), but I plan to "hide" the runner, so I can
get the cooling by itself. All I really need is to know if you can
manually enter in dimensions, like x,y,z. Also, if I could pick a
point on the tube, and rotate the tube around that point at lets say,
10 degrees. All help would be appreciated, I'm somewhat new to SW, so
-Kyle from Kalamazoo
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You can't just assign dims to a object and drive the xyz or angle, you have to assign mates to your cooling tubes to do this. Although, there are ways to do this, it's a workaround using sketches in the assembly (w/dims) and attaching the parts (cooling tubes, say to a centerline). Or, you can bypass the assembly and Insert/Part the cooling tubes and use the move body command to the xyz distance/angle you want?
Otherwise, you can just move/rotate/drag the tubes in the assembly and attached reference dimensions to the centerlines or faces so you can see what/where your tube is located?
Anyhow, yeah, it would be nice to use dims to drive postion/orientation. Put in a enhancement request like the upteen thousands that SW Corp says they listen too? NOT!
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Paul Salvador
You might try mating them to an envelope part consisting of a sketch. Then when you move the envelope part all the parts mated to it will move with it in x, y, and z.
Just my 2 cents.
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