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I'm trying to design an acoustic reflector in SW, (I just purchased the

2006-2007 student edition). I am able to make a parabolic mirror by doing a revolving cut of a parabola sketch. For example, if the central axis of the reflector/mirror is the z-axis, then the surface changes depth with the radius from the z-axis. So it is symmetric about the z-axis. But does anyone know if it's possible to model a biconic surface? A biconic surface is not symmetric about the central axis. For example, if the central axis is the z-axis, a biconic surface will vary its depth with both x and y. I have the equation for this surface, but how would I model it in SW so that it can be machined?



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I believe what you want to do is sweep a conic section along a conic trajectory maintaining a constant, parallel co-planar axes, section normal direction. Maybe someone will come along and help with a Solidworks specific method of accomplishing that or something more expedient if it's not readily apparent.

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If you have the section of the surface at say 0 deg, 90 deg, 180 deg, SolidWorks can interpolate between the sections using a lofted surface. If you need more accuracy, just add more radial sections. You could do this with sections going either way (through the axis or perpendicular to the axis). I'm not sure how far a surface equation will get you unless you write a macro to plot it out, or make a set of points.

good luck

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