Can't export to SAT

Usualy no pb (just tried another Assy), but on that assy, I have this error : " ACIS call "sg_get_face_par_box( face, pFaceBox )" gave error: C math library: argument domain error " Tried the "part route", with no luck: same message. No interference, nothing special, simple sheet metal parts.

WTF? Any ideas?



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Jean Marc
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Just mo questions. Will it round trip STEP? Yes = flakey SAT writer? No = flakey model geometry or database constructs?

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Funny: Goes to parasolid, but from imported parasolid, no ACIS (same message); Goes to STEP, imports STEP OK. On ACIS export: runtime error/ abnormal program termination: Sw takes me to the desktop.

Reboot. Removing one part allows the export. The laser welder progammer will use this incomplete assy to program his robot.

Thanks for the help

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Jean Marc

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