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Is anyone here using Cosmos motion with solidworks?

The cosmos motion manual says that the program automatically changes solidworks mates to the equivelent cosmos motion joint, but when i make a model of ,for example, a conecting rod attached to a big end ( a revolute joint in cosmos motion) it becomes the wrong type of joint in cosmos and all the joints have to be corrected manually ! any one know why?

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I got this from a user here.

I am guessing, that this is the problem. If a concentric mate is defined between the jointed parts and say for example a coincident mate is defined between the rod and another part or system plane, Cosmos motion will convert the mates to a concentric joint and a coincident joint. If a revolute joint is desired, at least two mates must be recognized between the jointed parts. Change the mating scheme to only mate between the two parts you want to revolute on. After the mates are changed, drag the rod up to the assembly components tab in the feature tree of Cosmos motion. Then drag the rod back down to the moving parts tab and the joint will automatically update to revolute.

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