decal mapping

i just posted about decal mapping. i figured out how to get the decal
onto a surface (not sure if it is the "kosher" way, but it worked),
but now i can't figure out how to resize/move it. anyone? thanks.
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lindsey clark
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In the decal editor ...pick the texture tab to adjust the location and size, use offset to move it and map to set the size
Krister L
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Krister L
I never use the damn things, but Ed Easton wrote a tutorial on decals way back in the early days of PhotoWorks. I'm not sure how much of it has changed since then, but if anything still applies it will probably be very helpful.
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Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems
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Jerry Steiger
Yeah, its changed quite a bit in PWx-2. There are some cases where I have a bear of a time mapping decals. But some of the wierd rules still apply, so the tutorial has some value. To center a decal, the offset has to be half the width and half the height of the decal.
The offset used to be the negative of those two values, but maybe SWx thought it was too confusing so they changed it. Unfortunaetly, by changing the sign, they added another level of confusion. To move the decal to the Right (the positive X direction) you actually have to decrease the offset. Same goes for the vertical - to move the decal up, you have to make the offset number smaller.
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Edward T Eaton

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