Fillet radius

When I select fillet it puts a radius all around the perimeter of the
object. I dont want this I just want a fillet on he edge I selected.
Anyone help?
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Maybe uncheck Tangent propagation?
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Try unchecking the tangent propagation box in the fillet property manager.
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Rob Rodriguez
I know from your other post that you are a newbie. Are you coming from AutoCAD? I don't know if you have done so or not, but you need to run through the online tutorials and get some basic fundamentals down. Even though the things the have you make are simple, they provide you with some needed knowledge and will give you an insight into how to apply it towards your work. A few hours in the tutorial will save you weeks of fumbling around and getting pissed at the software.
Also, always check your "Help" first....Simply looking under the topic of radius would have given you the answer you were looking for. I'm seriously not trying to bust your knockers, but just trying to save you some time, help you out and not let you get frustrated using SWx......A Hammer is a great tool for putting a nail in, but if you keep whacking at the nail using the handle, the nail ain't going in...
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Seriously, voodoo, people are much more likely to help if they can see you've tried to help yourself first.
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In case you were looking for more than a quick answer.
The default fillet option for a fillet is to project the feature around any adjacent tangent edge/face. Unchecking the option for tangent propagation will allow the fillet to attempt to only fillet the explicit edge/edges selected. This works well on outside corners where a straight run off can occur. (picture using a radius cutter and running it straight of the end of your desk) On an inside radius corner however there isn't usually a natural projection to run off when not tangent through the inside corner. (picture running the radius cutter into the inside of an L shapes counter, it will over cut in order to completely cut the first edge)
Please do check out the tutorials inside SolidWorks as well as some online resources. I would suggeest CADPO Igetit training as they were offering a free upgrade training for 2006.
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