How can I get a flat pattern for a bent rod. We use sweep to create the rods and obviously you cannot get a flat from that, but is there a way to create a bent rod so I am able to get a flat pattern of it,

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This is how we do it...Model as a sheet metal part with the thickness being equal to the diameter of the rod. Create a config and suppress the unfold, then apply fillets to the edges of the 'rod' equal to 1/2 the diameter. Use this config for your formed drawing views and the other config for the flat pattern view. The only problem with this method is when the bends are not all co-planer with the edge of the metal. Hope this helps.


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Sometime ago, in a far far away place....

Someone had a trick to model the rod up as a sheet metal square bar with all the various bends. Lastly they applied a fillet to the four edges (but not a 100% fillet, cut it back say .00001)

Hope that helps.


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Keith Streich

Thanks, this does work although I still have to make my own config with the fillets supressed to get the flat pattern but it does work. I hope solidworks can address this one day. Thanks guys,


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Use Inventor.....;~)

Just kidding but you should be able to get the length of center line if all you need is the straight length of material.

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