help on points, lines, curves from sw to algor superdraw

i'm trying to transfer points, lines, and a few curves that represent
a welded aircraft truss fuselage from sw to algor superdraw. superdraw
will import dxf, iges, or cadkey files.
i can't get any of the above elements to export out of sw into iges.
is there some setting that must be changed, or is this always a
limitation of iges?
i have the solid model tubes, but i want to analyze them as mostly
truss elements. so i thought i'd just import the node points into
superdraw and build the truss elements there.
thanks for any help,
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flyboy 2160
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This is kind of involved, but it should work
Create a parasolid of the part, or assembly. Read it back into SW. You now have an acuurate solid with no history, or sketch data.
Create a 3D sketch, and place point entities at the referance points you wish to use. Output "save as IGES", ("options"- 3D wire frame, output sketch entities)
This will give you a wire frame model, as well as the sketch referance points.
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