[HELP] SW 2003 with USB key


A customer is always using SW 2003 (!) When he create or copy a SW file (part, assy or drawing) on the USB key, this file is automatically in read-only !!!!

This on a Windows 2000 SP 4.0 / Windows 2003 SP 5.1

Couls you help me ?

Thanks in advance

Nicolas e-Systems Switzerland

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Nicolas Rubin
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What's the problem with clearing the Read Only attribute on the files? Just right-click and choose Properties. If you want to clear the attribute on numerous files at one time install an applet called PropertiesPlus (do a Google search or go to

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Nicolas Rub>

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Or just select multiple files and then change the attribute.

But, I also must ask why a file that is created in SW and saved directly on the USB key then is read-only. I wouldn't think this could happen because then SW couldn't save over it as you worked on it. If that's not what's happening, please let us know.


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