How do you get a Printed Circuit Board out of SW?

Hi all
I see lots of info on getting printed circuit boards INTO SW, I can'
find anything on getting them out.
One of our customers (our biggest, bestest, of course!) has asked u
to be able to produce PCBs for them from their Solidworks files. Al
the converion methods I've reasearched and tested lack the ability t
map data to specific layers. (example: converting a two sided printe
circuit board, with traces on both sides, and a mechanical profile
all converted data are placed on a single layer, with no way t
identify (and more importantly seperate!) top and bottom circuits.)
The data will ultimately end up as gerber data, via DXF, if I can jus
get those pesky layers mapped
If someone could point me to a primer of some sort if it exists, I'
be very grateful
Thanks in advance for any replies
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LOL! Why do some people insist on using a slot screwdriver to insert a philips screw. :-) Aside from that, maybe you can create different configs of each layer separately and export each layer one at a time to dxf.
bc_wagg> Hi all,
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