How to Flange Sheetmetal Hole ?

How can someone effectively flange a hole in sheetmetal?
ie: 5inch Dia. hole with .25inch lip bent at 45degrees around the circumference
of the round (or sometimes oval) hole.
I need to do this and have not figured it out yet? ... any ideas would be
helpful ..
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To achieve this you'll need to use sheetmetal tools
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Ken Carpente
More specifically Form Features I have an example, if you would like.
The help on form features is usefull too. Although using form features will not yield a correct flat patter.
Corey Scheich
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Corey Scheich
You could make a forming tool to do this pretty easily. If you check out some of the examples that come with SolidWorks, creating them is not that difficult.
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