Inventor-sw Translation

I'm trying to take a model from Inventor to Solidworks 2005. I tried
IGES first but only got surfaces and lots of extra crap. I only really
need a dumb solid - won't be doing much with it - just seeing how the
component fits in an assembly. Step, Parasolid, anything I can have
the Inventor guy do?
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They should be able to go to step or ascii AutoCAD does both I think SW imports both. Step I have found to be a good solids translation.
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Did you try opening it as a Native Inventor File? If that didn't work I would try the .sat (ACIS) format.
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Unfortunately, IGES is not well supported between Inventor and SolidWorks. I would recommend STEP. I believe I have used STEP successfully for transfering from Inventor to SolidWorks, but its been a while (more than a year).
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John Eric Voltin
I only got it as an IGES file. The inventor translation lists Inventor Part I'm not sure if that means assemblies also.
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