Is anyone using IV Vault for SW files?

The Autodesk Inventor equivelent of PDM Works is Vault, and for anyone that has IV 10 or above Vault is bundled FREE IV. Are there any users using Vault to manage SW files/projects?

Is there anyone using PDM Works to manage IV files?

Is there anyone that has used both and has an opinion between the two?



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A client of mine wants to manage SW files. Consultants they have hired for a specific project use Inventor.

They are considering DBWorks as they can buy a SW version and Inventor version that look at the same database.(It also uses the same code for most of the major operations - exception are CAD API specific.

Non CAD users would use the same Standalone version of DBWorks - free Inventor/SW viewers would allow them to see the specific CAD files.

Just another possible option for your consideration.


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