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I need to design a table out of 1/2" thick aluminum. I plan to make bends that will have a 3" inside radius.

What do I use for the K Factor?

Many Thanks.

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This often depends in the bending machine than anything else.

When i used to work in a machine shop, i got the guys to bend me a few test plates of various thickness so i could determine the K factor.

0.5 will never be too far off (in the case of rolling for example, and the scale you're mentioning), but if it's using some sort of unique technique to bend it, it may be far far off too.

Your best bet is to provide with a 'finished' model drawing that the manufacturers can use to measure your object after it's been bent, if you're not able to get them to give you a K factor, and let them figure out the K factor themselves (alt of the machinists i had talked to all had their own theories on how much material to add/etc) You can always provide a flat pattern to show /how/ you want the part folded, but as a non-dimensional reference only.


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