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I am new to this User Group, and i just wanted to let those users know who are new to Solidworks and want to learn the software, that I recently picked up Solidworks Video Step by Step Tutorials on Ebay the creator is called F(x) Cad Solutions, I would highly recommend this DVD to everybody out there who wants to learn Solidworks, Excellent Tutorials, 4 hours long of video content. Here is the link if anyone's interested ??

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Are the videos that you just purchased made with audio as well? If not, you might want to try the series made by Solidprofessor, and there is another series by Doctor James Sinclair. Both incorporate video and audio, and are about as informative as you will get. There are several Gurus that post here in the Newsgroups that are, without a doubt, of equal Caliber to the two Authors that I mentioned. If you go to Solidprofessor.com, you can register and they will send you a complimentary video every month.

Good luck from another Level 1 guy, G. De Angelis

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