Applying hole table to drawings.....Need advice from this group

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I am hoping that the expertise in this group will help me understand Solidworks a little bit better.... I have constructed a plate with different hole dimensions....I am able to create a drawing that uses the Hole table for sizes and dimensions....... The problem I have is that the "X" "Y' zero is in the corner of the plate...... thus producing a document that is referenced to the corner.......I need the dimensions from the center of the plate.not the corner.......Is it possible to do this? I did construct the plate with the center of the plate at X zero Y zero but I am having difficulties moving the coordinate system from the corner to the center... Any advice


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You will have to place a sketch point in that view, at the location that you want x-0, y-0 to be. Make sure that you lock it down with some relations. In your case, it sounds like a coincident relation to the origin.

Then, use this sketch point as your origin for your hole table.

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Seth Renigar

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