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I have never really used blocks until recently. The problem I am having is that the notes in my blocks that contain links to model custom properties, show a box around them. They print this way as well. I have edited the block to see if the notes were set to a box border, and they are not.

I have already Googled this but couldn't find anything on it. Does anyone have a clue what is causing this and/or what can be done to fix this?


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Seth Renigar
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I have never really used blocks until recently. The problem I am having is

Hi Seth,

I have not seen this. I'm also still on SW05,sp5. I have a block that I use for my detail notes. It's linked to custom properties and upon inserting to a drawing does not have a border or box. I've been testing 06 on my laptop but haven't made a drawing yet. I'll try to check this out and see if it's an `enhancement'.

By the way, I'm also coming around late to blocks. I have found them to be really handy when labeling offset corners, knockouts, guided ej., etc in mold assembly drawings.

Good Luck.


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John Kreutzberger


I am actually still on SW2005 SP3.0. I have not had any major issues that have effected me with this SP, until this one. That's why I have not updated. Maybe it is time to update to SP5.0 to see if that fixes the problem.

However, I have not been following this group for the last couple of months due to a bad bicycling accident that has put me out of commission for a while. Therefore I am not "up-to-date" on if there has been any issues with SP5.0 that I need to be aware of before I update. Anyone know of anything major off the top of their head?

We have been talking about moving to SW2006 in the near future. I want to "stress it" a little at home before we change here at work though.

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Seth Renigar

I am surprised not much has been said about SP5 here... I have found SP5 has most minor things sorted but still has some fundamental problems which is quite disappointing - yesterday I came across

- a symmetric normal to loft that moved sideways parallel to the path and puckered badly on one edge.

- mirror planes that jump from the selected one to another phantom place after accepting the preview showing correctly and then having then feature extrude itself to be 5x longer.

- some selection issues for surfaces in the dialogue boxes

- rollbacks that jump further up the tree when you try to access loft sketches making it impossible to edit without deleting it and losing some dependant items. I was hoping there might be a SP5.1.1 but it doesn't look like it...

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