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I'm trying to create a lofted part. This is complex shape with several cross sectional profiles.

I created sections 1 & 2 and added a circular path. It doesn't follow the path, it lofts in a straight line. If pick my circular path, I get an error, "Loft sections must all be closed or all be open. Mixed cases are not allowed"

Then I created section 3, and all I get is the following message: "The feature could not be created because it would produce self-insercting geometry"

What do these messages mean?

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The closed and open message means just that, you have to have either closed or open loops as sections, but you can't mix and match. If you don't know what a closed or open loop is, you've got some homework to do.

If you're trying to make a loft that loops back on itself, you'll have to use the "closed loft" switch. I think you need at least 3 sections to do that.

Are you sure you put the circular path in the guide curve list instead on with the profiles?

Self intersecting geometry can be caused by just about anything, from connectors to tangency to selection order or location. It just means that the geometry would run into itself if created, which SW doesn't allow.

Really, you just need some basic loft help. The SolidWorks help file and online tutorials are two places to start.

If you want something specific, you will need to post an image or a model somewhere.

good luck

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Black Dragon

Did you specify the circular path as a centerline. This will give you quite the different path than a guide curve.

Regards, Corey Scheich

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Sometimes it works better to try a Surface Loft rather thatn a Solid one as surfaces can be more forgiving in this area I find. ONce you have your lofted surfaces you can then cap the ends and knit to form a solid.

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