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How can you get SW to stop resorting the BOM when you make a change to a part and update the drawing. We like to organize the BOM with Hardware grouped together but if you modify an assembly it will place it at the bottom of the BOM instead of keeeping it in its place.

Steve R

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Steve Reinisch
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Hello Steve-

Have your tried reordering the assembly to acheive the desired BOM? The SolidWorks BOM follows the Assembly order.

Best Regards, Devon T. Sowell

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Devon T. Sowell

Why would anyone ever want to have to reorder an entire assembly just to sort parts in a different order???? This is CRAZY!! With the excel based BOM you could renumber item numbers to anything that you wanted to and sort the BOM by item number. I've requested to be able to do this with the SolidWorks BOM table but I don't think my request was understood by my VAR and it seems that enhancement requests are seldom listened to. I like the look and speed of the SolidWorks BOM table, but it offers nothing in the way of functionality.

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"Devon T. Sowell" wrote

It only follows the assembly order if you choose that option. Trouble is, I (and presumably Steve R) frequently want the assembly and BOM orders to be different.

I also get the problem Steve reported and haven't found a solution yet.

John H.

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John H

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