Macro to turn on and off add ins

I would like to do a macro to turn on and shut off addins in my
solidworks. Anybody have any ideas.
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How would this be any simpler than going to "Tools --> Addins"?
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Um.. use the Solidwroks office toolbar?
unless your referring to other addins that are on the office toolbar.
Hope that helps SteveT.
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How about this one... Got it from NG bout two years back... cant remember from who....
Just modify the path to your add-in DLL... works fine here.
Dim swApp As Object
Dim RetVal As Long
'Path to the add in DLL for your application Const strAddInPath As String = "C:\the_path_to_your_addin"
Sub main()
Set swApp = Application.SldWorks If Not swApp Is Nothing Then RetVal = swApp.LoadAddIn(strAddInPath) 'Load Add in If RetVal = 2 Then 'add in already loaded 'Unload the add in swApp.UnloadAddIn strAddInPath End If End If Set swApp = Application.SldWorks End Sub
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