Maximum Radius of curvature?

Hello, In SW, the Check menu allows you to check the" maximum radius of curvature". What exactly does this mean? It seems to mean different things in different industries. I have checked all my radius's and the numbers dont match up with anything. Is the some kind of standard equation for this? I couldnt find anything online. Thanks Mike

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Actually, that should be the "minimum" radius of curvature. It just finds the smallest radius (largest curvature) on the model. If you have used modeling techniques which lead to "singularities" (such as lofting to a point), the curvature at the point can be very tight (radius in the .00x" or less region). It is usually used to troubleshoot a model when an offset, shell or fillet will not work. If the minimum radius on a part is .030", you may have difficulty shelling it at .090". It shouldn't mean anything different to any particular industry.

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