Minimum tangency requirement

In a surface loft, when I try to make one of the loft egdes tangent I get
the following message:
The resulting surface may not achieve the desired tangency, however, it will
still be created. One or more of the specified profiles does not meet the
minimum tangency requirement of less than 2° to the guide curve tangency
Can someone explain me what this mean? Also what is the difference
between a surface created not having the desired tangency (after receiving
the above message) and a surface without the tangency? The reason is that
these two surface don't seem to be the same (when the zebra stripes is on,
they change depending the if I try to make it tangent or not)
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id have to see your loft. but your guided curves is not even close to being tangent to the surface it is connected to. send me the loft with guided curve and ill show you the problem and a possible solution.
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Sean Phillips

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