Model of Injection Molding Die?

Greets all.. Am doing some self-learning on injection molding. goal is to learn to design dies.. though I don't forsee this happening anytime fast. there sure is alot of information out there.

I was hoping for two things:

  1. recommendations for good (practical) design literature and,
  2. a solidworks model of a real die thats been produced and put to work with good results. (its my 2nd best option to actually having a real die here on my desk).



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I would recommend taking a mechanical or plastics technology curriculum at a college. Knowledge of plastics, processes, molding and in-use parameters, etc. are just plain required to translate into successful tools.

Get the online catalogs from the mold base builders as a start.

Then remember that all the variations on tools for short run, RP Tools, high-heat conductivity, specialty materials and functions, and even such things as metal injection molding exist, so there is no one thing which adequately describes an "injection mold base".

I'm not going to get all the URLs for you and all the accessory makers but use Google to get:

Hasco National DME Mold Masters Inco Omni PCS Progressive

and a few dozen others.

There are a good half dozen magazines & most have online versions for mold making, plastics, product design, etc.

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It is a long road, but I think a productive one if you can stick with it to get the training required to be a good product & mold designer. But I don't see any short term solution. It takes a lot of diligent time to get good.

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