Mold Question - Vacuum Forming


I have never needed to design a mold before and now I have some questions which I need some help with. I am being asked to design a mold which can be used to vacuum form styrene in to cup like shape. This cup fits into a Hammond plastic box. Then I have to make a little jig which goes over the top of the box to align a PCB so it can be potted. The problem I am having is how do I use the model of the box to make a form which I can use to vacuum form? There is also one more catch. The Hammond box has grooves which are to guild PCB and hold them when the lid is on. This design doesn't need that in the form. Is there a way I can make a negative of the internal of the Hammond box? Then It would just be a model I can work with. I have been looking at the mold tools but I don't have access to all of them.


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