Need Laptop to run Solid Works

I am looking at agetting a laptop to run solid works and am on a limited budget. What are the best models out there? I would like to be in the 2000.00 range or less. Are there any with the Nvidia card available? Thanks Rod

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Dell offers the Precision M60 with the Quadro FX Go700 Nvidia card. It's a great machine but it's going to be around $5000 CDN with 1 gig of ram. I didn't find anyone else offering this card on a lesser machine.

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If you get a laptop get the Quadro card in it. I think only the M50 and 60's have them but check it out

Regards, Scott

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I bought a refurbished M50 1.8G from Dell for $1800 works killer with waranty, best display and it had a few weird pixels from the push button mouse rubbing on the screen so they came out and replaced the screen, cant beat that!

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Yeah, I noticed the joystick thingy marking the screen on my M50 when I first had it, so I just took it off (just lever the coloured knob vertically up off the square plastic shaft)

Anyone with an M50 who hasn't done this should maybe consider either shortening or removing the offending piece - a rare lapse on an otherwise fine machine

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Andrew Troup

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