No .slddrw templates

I suffered a major crash & burn and
had to format the HD. Reinstalled SW2003
but I don't have any drawing templates in
File / New / Open or in the dialogue box that
pops up when SW opens.
I turned off all virus protection prior to the
installation but no luck that way either.
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Mark T.
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You are going to have to add them to the path SW has them normally located or specify the path.
To change or specify the path,.. Tools/Options/File Locations/Document Templates/ \data\templates\
"Mark T." wrote:
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Paul Salvador
This is a bitchy one. I had the same issue installing on WinXP Home and never resolved it. I ended up installing Win2K because I had to get the job done. There is a thread on this and people have been able to work around this one way or the other, but just as many people never resolved it. It seems to have something to do with the registration of components not happening.
See here for related thread - didn't help me however.
formatting link
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Markus Wankus
Hi all, Thanks for the tips. I ended up cleaning out the registry with the free version of regvac and reinstalling SW2003. My .slddrw templates came back.
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Mark T.

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