Parametrically defined curves

I am creating a part using loft, "morphing" one sketch into another, each sketch in it's own plane. Is there a way to parametrically define the dimensions of the current sketch based on the x-axis position of the current reference plane? For example, if I place 10 reference planes, each parallel to the right plane, and 50 mm apart, is there a way to know the absolute or relative X (or Y,Z) position of the current plane, to be used in an equation describing the current instantiation of that curve? As a simple example, place a circle in the first plane, and I want each subsequent circle on the

10 reference planes to be of a radius equal to 0.95 * X-position +10mm.

Any Ideas?

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David K. Wurmfeld
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Yes, if you double-click the plane in the Feature Manager, you will see the dimension appear in which to enter into your equation.

Mike Wilson

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Mike J. Wilson

This might also be a good place to use a layout sketch, where you place your planes perpendicular to lines or at points in the sketch, then use the dimensions for those lines or points in your equations. Adds a sketch but makes it a little easier to see what's happening when you, or someone else, comes back later.

Jerry Steiger Tripod Data Systems

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Jerry Steiger

maybe it is OT, but from your subject "Parametrically defined curves" I wonder if my MathSurf + SketchFile macros wouldn't help. on

formatting link
you can see a wing, lofted from airfoils profiles, all done with these 2 free macros.

If you need associativity, well, equations might be a solution... Another would be to make SketchFile associative by creating a "Macro Feature". Contact me if you're ready to pay a bit for this.

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Philippe Guglielmetti

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