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hi anyone has find any problems of performance using solidworks 2006 sp4.1 with workstation dell precision 380 dual core? it seems that on an old workstation dell precision 650 is more faster and better.

any good idea to do? the workstation is new just arrived 2 days ago supplemental software loaded.

tnx a lot


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Solidworks is not made for dual processors or XP64, YET! . SW2006 is 25% slower under XP64 than XP32 on the same dual processor machine. I think also that you will find that each processor speed for the dual core is slower than the single core PC's processor,(at a guess).

Tried and tested it, still have the T-shirt,lol

But, with sw2007, things "may" change ;-)

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Check to make sure that you haven't somehow got software OpenGL checked. This sometimes happens and slows the graphics way down when you have a good graphics card.

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Jerry Steiger

tnx a lot for your advices !! i find them very useful


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There are some tools to evaluate this at

formatting link

Run Star2.1 and Ship in a Bottle first and post what times you are getting. That will give us something to compare to.

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