Memory Issues

Is anyone having issues/memory error messages with Solidworks 07 SP3.1
I'm running a AMD Dual core 6000+ FX 3500 video with 4 gig of ram....I
was surprised to the error.
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I've been running it today and no problems at all.
Dell 670, P4, 4 Gb RAM, 3 Gb switch, UV = 2900
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Wayne Tiffany
I have also had several memory errors since installing sp3.1. Twice after selecting to print to pdf995 with only a small assembly open (5 parts) - I too was very surprised.
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Try to turn on the 3gb switch
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You're running the exact same set up I am and I always get that error message.....and I do have on the 3gb switch...that didn't do anything for me.
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I've had the same random issue for quite a while, having the 3 Gb Switch set had did not solve the issue.My PC setup and my solution below. I sent info throught to SolidWorks they advise my crash was related to the video card. The error message "insufficient memory error" was somewhat misleading and lead me to believe it was system memory related. Note I was also getting the occasional video glitch before the error occurred e.g. one solidwork part or assembly window would stop responding, I could usually still save and reboot without problems.
AMD Athlon 64 X@ 4600+ Dual Core 2 Gb Ram Nvidia Quadro FX1400
Nvidia drivers tested, I've tested
77.56 (SolidWorks approved) didn't cause the "insufficient memory error" but did cause the occasional blue screen, ouch! 91.36 (SolidWorks approved) had the "insufficient memory error" 91.85 had the "insufficient memory error" 160.2 BETA driver had the "insufficient memory error" + other weird effects
Tried various levels of Video Card Hardware acceleration, without success. Tried the Software open GL - gave up testing because of the huge performance hit.
The solution that has worked for the past 3 days (with the 77.56 driver, haven't tested with any other) is as follows, this information is taken from the Nvidia forums and the Release notes for the 160.2 driver above.
There may be intermittent application compatibility issues with dual core CPUs.
If you experience this issue, you can work around it by toggling off multithread
optimizations using the following instructions:
1 Launch regedit and determine the current primary display card by
looking in
and note the GUID (global unique identifier assigned by Windows),
which is the long string in brackets { } at the end of the entry
2 Look in
where {GUID} is the number derived from the previous step.
3 Open the "0000" directory and create a new DWORD called
OGL_ThreadControl and give it a value of 2.
This will disable multithreading in the driver for all OpenGL applications.
4 If you want to disable driver multithreading for all Direct3D applications-
In the same "0000" directory, create a new DWORD called
WTD_EXECMODEL and give it a value of 0.
Note I did not add the WTD_EXECMODEL DWORD only the OGL_ThreadControl DWORD. This has worked for me with NO noticeable performance issues! Edit the Registry at your own risk, back it up first!
John Layne
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John Layne

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