Re: Bend directions and angles

We do multiple bends, but we also do the press brake programming in 3D using the Amada BendCAD. One of the biggest cost reduction projects for the year


Thanks for any input.

Thanks Bruce. That helps a little. :-) I have sent an enhancement request to > have the bend directions and angles added to the flat pattern view. Maybe > one day...... > > > This is the best I can do. > > > > In the model, show all annotations and insert a note. > > Instead of typing anything, click on the first bend angle you want to add > to > > your drawing. > > This will add the data for that bend angle to your note. > > Copy this (control c) to the clipboard. > > Delete the note. > > In the drawing add a note saying BEND UP or BEND DOWN, then paste (control > > v) what you have copied to the clipboard to the end of this note. This > will > > add the angle of bend and it is fully associative. > > Repeat until done. > > > > > > >
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