Re: Intelligent Concept Design In A Direct Modeler

Fuck history based modeling. History based modeling's time is limited

> because of how restrictive it is to use. > >
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How long have you been blabbering about how this is going to take over the world Jon? Remember, HSMWorks was gonna take over the world too. What ever happened with that?

[ I'm committed to working with HSMWorks to doing just that. ]- Jon Banquer - [ Who I'm working with to deliver what truly will be the next generation of CAM:
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]-Jon Banquer- [ I understand why your shop did not go with HSMWorks. We have a lot of work to do. ] =96 Jon Banquer [ Jon is not affiliated with HSMWorks ApS in any way and that we cannot control what people are writing on the web. Anybody can get evaluation licenses of HSMWorks and test it themselves. I hope this clarifies any doubt. ] - HSMWorks ApS -


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