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> Hi all
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> > Work is a bit slack at the moment in our machine shop, and I'm running out
> > of projects. I've had an idea kicking around in my mind for a while, but
> > can't seem to make any headway on it. What I'd like to do is machine a > three
> > dimensional model of a hand, or a head/face. Now, I work with Gibbs ['to
> > date meeting all our cadcam needs'] but have no idea how to even begin to
> > make anything that would look, well, real and not something like a robot. > >
> > Any ideas? I'd even settle for xy code, if anyone has that much free > time...
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> > Thanks for your attention.
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> > HL.
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> One possibility is to find a CAD model on the Internet. There are numerous
> sites that have such files, and others that charge a small fee. I haven't
> looked at them for a while but I'm sure someone here can direct you. I
> remember looking at several human heads in STL format that looked very > accurate.
> Once you have a file in some modeler or CAD format, you usually can convert
> it into something machinable.
> In any case, much of the CAD work has already been done, and it's around. >
> Ed Huntress
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Those ghouls are always looking for body parts.
(Crossposted there as well .)
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Cliff Huprich
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I would think the best bet would be to find someone who's used a laser scanned point cloud of a real hand to create a machinable mesh, rather than trying to find a feature-based solid model ? Try googling on terms like "Faro arm", "3D scan", "laser scanning" etc
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Andrew Troup
When I had MasterCam 8.1 it has this model and it looks good. I believe it is under samples and advance or something like that. I have been trying to get ahold of it forever. Could someone convert it to IGES nurbs and spit it up. I forgot to get it before I gave up MasterCam.
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Mike Grant
It occurred to me that those medical guys out there might have some CAT- or MRI-scanned body parts posted on a server somewhere. Some university or orthopedic researchers maybe? My former employer was was working with medicos to investigate robotically-assisted surgery, and the robot needed to know where to move. That path planning data was supplied by medically scanned body structures.
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Hey Humphrey,
I don't know anything about GibbsCam, but in MasterCam you can create toolpaths from STL files. If that's the case with GibbsCam as well then you could buy Poser and export a hand (or head or arm...) as an STL, and then machine that. Or you could ask me nicely, and I will send you a hand from Poser
HTH, Muggs
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