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> Will it be good enough to retake seats lost to SaladWorks ? >

All 35 of them? No. If those 35 had it to do over again they'd switch to Alibre because it will do what they need for less than $2,000 US.

That is, of course, a facetious statement but unless you can provide some substantiated or at least industry accepted numbers what's the point of the question? To create an illusion?

> Will the CAM end be fast enough to compete with say Gibbs for > production work ? >

Compete in what way? "Compete" is a word the ignorant love to use while they are incapable of comprehending the nature of the competition. Instead of asking something so vague why not initiate a discussion polling Pro/E users about their experiences regarding native vs. third party applications for a specific type of "production work"? Anything offered by non-users; e.g. "I looked at it once", "I used it years ago", etc., is worthless. When it's all done and collated you will still be just as confused by the big picture but you can at least examine the details for relevant tidbits.

> Will PTC continue to offer massive discounts and include CAM ? >

That's an extremely stupid question. Anyone knows it depends on goals never to be known by end users and market variables not yet defined.

> Is 50 percent of functionality converted to Dashboard good enough ? >

Another vague, stupid question. Wildfire and Wildfire 2.0 converted enough functions so an archaic UI won't contribute to the terminal intimidation of new users; be they from the grassy pastures of AutoCAD users grappling with parametric 3D as well, or those bumping the low end capability ceiling. WF3 is probably the culmination of a focused effort to modernize the UI. What happens next depends on the goals and variables mentioned above.

Based on the nature of your questions I forecast you will not be impressed by WF3. Microsoft considers the learning impaired sector of the market worth developing for. High end design and manufacturing software vendors can not and will not.

BTW, What IS a Banquerite? It appears to me you're comprehension of the subject matter would be rivaled by an intelligent fifth grade student.

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tallywhacker wrote a lot of stuff apparently related to the Cliffy and Jon show:

Well, although I can't see the beginning of this thread, apparently because my two least favorite posters (who I seem to have successfully filtered out entirely for quite a while now -- yay!!) were the participants, the flavor of this post is such that I'm tempted to filter this person out also. If someone will confirm that the author is either Cliffy or Jon I'll *plonk* this person also. I'll warrant that the less we hear of this kind of stuff the happier we'll all be.


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Who cares? Plonk anyway.

I wonder, though, why you'd read a post titled WF3? You don't really think you will learn anything about it reading Usenet, do you?

See above and I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly..

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Babbleon Jon asked:

Of course. Since the CAD/CAM market is saturated, any new sales have to come from somewhere. This is truly a zero-sum game, especially in the US. The corollary is that it will also be BAD enough to lose seats to Solidworks. (BTW, lose the stupid "Saladworks" moniker. While it may have been cute in '97 it is trite now.) And since all the vendors count their total sales FOREVER as their number of "installed" seats, PTC/Dassault/UGS/ will be able to PROVE to you that they have increased their market. They will never start subtracting seats from that total, say for companies that go out of business.

production work ?

Um, yes? It will also be slow enough for Gibbs to compete with PTC.

No, PTC will discontinue all promotions and discounts. This is the best way to achieve market penetration. Just kidding of course. And the "CAM" that PTC includes is Prismatic Milling (aka "Expert Machinist") which no NC department worth its salt would use due to its limitations. The "Complete Machine" option is required.

A moot point; it is essentially all you will ever get. I have heard it personally from the highest source at PTC that the Menu Manager will never, ever, ever competely go away. They have already hit the point of diminishing returns and there are some features that are so arcane and little used that expending the effort to do a Dashboard conversion is a waste of resources. Once the NC side has been mostly converted (don't be fooled by WF3, they only changed the Mfg Geometry features, not the sequences) that will be it.

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