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anyone lately bought one of the 22" monitors with the recent lower prices? Just wondered if anyone had a notably bad or good experience with one for swx display. Thanks, Bill

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bill allemann
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I just bought a 22" Acer wide screen(247$) and am running SW 2008 SP3 with no problems.I'm also using a nvidia quadro 570 PCIE video card that i bought about the same price.The combo looks pretty good to me.

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i have the same 22" Acer monitor at home with an ATI video. looks great and refresh rate is faster than expected. It is a computer monitor only so it will not hook up to anything else. but for the price it has been an great monitor. i never expected to hook it up to anything but the computer anyway. iQ

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24" Samsung LCD monito 1920 x 1200. Intel extreme graphics on board video. Works fine.


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"bill allemann" a écrit dans le message de news: w9Dzj.25014$

Recently got a Samsung SyncMaster 2232BW for home, i'm very pleased vith it, either for movies or SW. Almost see no difference with the 24'' Dell I got at work.

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Jean Marc

I got Westinghouse L2410NM Black 24 for ~350

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home it is nice, different inputs, and sound I definitely recommend that one

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