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I've looked through the following posts for help but I haven't gotten anything to work.

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still to those who contributed.

I'm running SW 2006 & 2007. 2007 is installed at C:\Program Files \SolidWorks 2007\SLDWORKS.exe. I've tried changing the "Start in:" textbox on the desktop shortcut properties to be: "C:\Program Files\SolidWorks 2007\SLDWORKS.exe" /m N:\CAD\SOLIDWORKS

2007\MACRO\Workshop\AutoLoad.swp" The "Target:" field is not enabled.

The macro is simply: Sub main() MsgBox "You Started Solidworks" End Sub

What am I doing, or not doing, that is not allowing this startup macro to run when I start SolidWorks? Thanks! Jeremy

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You need to figure out why the target field is disabled. Perhaps try creating a new shortcut to work with. The start in field should have no bearing on launching a macro.

Here's what I've been using for my 05 shortcut (the quotation marks are critical):

"C:\Program Files\SolidWorks 05\SLDWORKS.exe" /M "C:\0Home\FUE\doc type watcher\applauncher.swp"

I've been using that basic format from 03 through 07.

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Dale Dunn

That worked, manually creating a shortcut. The shortcuts I've been trying this on were ones automatically created with the SolidWorks installation. Maybe the fact that we have dual versions installed (2006 & 2007) threw something off. The new shortcut did allow me to customize the "Target:" field.

With service pack installations (we're on SP2.2), shortcuts are usually automatically updated as well. I'll have to keep an eye on what takes place during the next service pack installation.

Thanks Dale!

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