sheetmetal blank, blankworks? need some help Advice

Hi all !
Been a while so buzy to even read the forum.
i have a number of dies to design 16 in total all sheetmetal parts but they
are past solidworks capablities.
they are sheetmetal parts. Hvac parts example 4 x10in rect to 6in round with
a bead around it. solidworks cant handle it from what i can see, so looking
into maybe blankworks or fastblank from
i only need 16 parts done 2 things can i try the demo is it fully
functional? I am good with sheetmetal but after a transition it doesnt seem
that you can add to the part addtional featrues.
Looking for some you know other companies that can create the
blank for me, have fastblank or blankworks? so i can do the die design from
Thanks in advance
Ryan Hay
Solid Design Systems Inc.
Phone 1 (519) 886-8362
Fax 1 (519) 886-3690
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Ryan Hay- Solid Design Systems Inc.
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Have you looked at
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They have some blanking and metal stamping software for solidworks. I believe they are a Gold Partner too.
"Ryan Hay- Solid Design Systems Inc." wrote in message news:
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Richard Charney
I believe I can help if you can get me the details.
remove all x's and z's for my e-mail.
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