Showing sketches as geometry

I'm not sure if I've worded the subject well or not...

I import silkscreen and drill pattern sketches for PCB designs into SolidWorks to double check the design for mechanical fit and interface components. I would like to be able to show this sketch as a silkscreen on the surface of the PCB but have other geomety (such as the components and enclousers) be able to obstruct viewing of the sketch. (i.e. I don't want to see the sketch through the housing or from the backside of the board.)

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Mr. Who

Sounds like a job for decals.. Photoworks>Decals You can also use transparency channels to hide background colors and only show the circuit paths on top of the geometry. Decals when applied to a face are normaly covered up by subsequent geometry, as opposed to Sketh images that are always visible. I believe that this is the only viable solution.

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