SoftQuadro and Riva

I have a new Gforce FX 5700 and just dont know how to apply SoftQuadro so I
can use riva tuner to get the solidwoworks preset running... I remember a
tutorial doucument a few years back but cannot find it and it is probably
outdated by now. Anyone out there that can walk me through the process, and
the location of the drivers I need to download.
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Ben Eadie
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If you can get anyone to walk you thru step by step i would be amazed. for example...see your very first response to your post! i mean what the hell is a link to a site with thousands of drivers for hundreds of videocards going to do for you? It is going to piss you off that's what! I have a hp zd7000 with the geforce 5700 go in it and have attempted to go thru the process of the soft quadro hack with absolutly zero success. There are a few post very recent w/in the last few weeks about this quadro hack and how to do it. you can attempt to follow the posted directions but it will not work. a bit of advice, find your video nv4.... file and drag a copy onto your desktop for safe keeping you'll need it, oh and billdoe sucks and all and micr$oft blows but thank gawd for "load last known good configuration" you'll need that too! if you do get some decent help (not that the help wasn't decent Richard, etc.) just not complete enough or continuous, so if you do get good help let me know, take good notes of how you get it to work and i will be extremely happy to put together a step by step, including all needed files and post it for all to download, a one stop shop. it shouldn't be that hard to get it to work i just didn't want to keep hackin my brand new puter. after the 5th boot loop and BLACK screen i was dun! good luck and if you want my specific findings email me direct. may the geforce be wuth u!
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