SolidWorks 2011
Finally, what every engineer, new or experienced, MUST HAVE! First of
all, this book is in color, which is awesome! It has been applicable
to several different versions of Solidworks too. I bought this 2011
Solidworks book but I=92m still working off a 2009 solidworks license
and the book is still perfect. This has been hands down the fastest
way to learn SolidWorks techniques - no other book has step by step
examples and cool and innovative examples. This book also contains
interactive projects that you can build on your own from concept to
CAD to the actual product. A HANDS DOWN essential tool. It really
captured actual industry experience and was clearly written by
engineers for other engineers. One of the best aspects of this tool
was that it offered great examples of everything from machined parts
to industrial design, and even a cool angler fish. SolidWorks 2011
made everyday CADing and creative CADing so much easier. Every cook
needs a kitchen, and every CAD user needs this book.
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meghan daney
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Is there an author's name or a publisher? An ISBN? Several books have titles with "SolidWorks 2011" in them.
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