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Just a guess here. I presume it's used in the troubleshooting & reporting operations. You can open it & have a look around.
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Wayne Tiffany
I found a definition for it in Solidworks help:
The SolidWorks Journal File is a text file that records the actions you make in the current SolidWorks session. This file is often helpful when you create macros.
Wayne Tiffany wrote:
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John Kimmel
It records some actions that the user makes in the current SW session in a way that some users can turn into macros. It can almost never be replayed as is to recreate what was done as some other software can do.
The primary reason for this is that SW does not open up the API so that all possible user actions can be replicated with programming.
The eariliest version of SW did have the ability to recreate user action, but this was abandoned very early on.
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