Spheres in solid

Maybe is a stupid question, but I am new in solidw.
What is the fastest way to make a sphere, and then make a circular pattern
of them, in assembly, I suppose??
I am making a bearing, I will have a problem also with making a mate with
the two surved surfaces, solution?
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make a sphere by revolving half a circle around a centre line.
In SW2003 you could pattern these solids using the insert>pattern/mirror>circular pattern and then using the 'bodies to pattern' box to select your first shere. You would have to create an Axis first though.
Otherwise use an assembly like you say.
Hope this helps
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Lee Bazalgette
And for mating, use the primary planes and/or the Origin (distance from). Otherwise you've got Tangency, but you may have to create a Split Line to use it (I'd have to look).
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