slow network problem

hi people,
we have a dedicated 100mb line to the server, we are testing with two
cad-stations on the server.
every cad-station has a dedicated line to the server, for each
cad-station the server has a network card(3 nics alltogether in
server, one for connection to company lan).
but still the network is very slow, saving/working local is the
fastest but working with files on server goes at 12% of the 100mb
bandwidth, copying files via explorer goes at about 100%, how come
solidworks2003 sp3.1 does not use this bandwidth? what can we do about
p.s please sent me a reply mail
Saint-Gobain Abrasives
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I had simple parts randomly slow to open, and could narrow the problem to the "temp" dir full of crap (Take a look at it, could be more than 1000 files there). Solved when I made a batch that deletes everything there on startup. And I ask the users to boot at least once a week. Was true with NT, and I did the same when changing to W2K. HIH JM
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