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Is it possible to split surfaces at the intersection with a plane or another surface in Solidworks?

I am building up a surface model of a thin-walled steel structure with many bifurcations in Solidworks. I want to export the model via IGES into a finite element program to build up a shell element model, but before meshing all the surfaces must have common edges at intersecting lines.

Thank you for any answers.... Nils.

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nils foenissen
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Yes. Insert>Curve>Split Line and check Intersection then select your surface and plane.

HTH, Muggs

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Note that "Intersection" option is not available in 2003, don't know about


AFAIK, the best workaround (for the case of two intersecting surfaces) in

2003 is quite laborious.

1) Create a 3D sketch of the intersection of the surfaces (see Help for "Intersection Curve")

2) Project that sketch to a suitable flat plane (this will not always be unambiguously reversable in the next step) Note: to select 3D sketch so as to "Convert" it to the Front plane, you need to turn on View/sketches, and pick the sketch line from the display. If you pick from the feature Manager, it picks the sketch rather than the sketch line, and you will wrongly get the impression that 3D sketches cannot be converted. 3) Pick the surface you want to split, choose "Insert/Curve/Split Line" and then pick the 3D sketch line to project the flat sketch back onto the surface it originated from.

Does anyone have a shorter method?

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Andrew Troup

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